Tenluxe: Ink cleaner provider

Tenluxe was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Taiwan. We specialize in the research and development of ink cleaner products for textile materials. Its ink cleaner product / textile cleaner offerings include textile cleaning gun, trichloroethane naphtha, ink cleaner, tenluxe inkcleaners, puff ink cleaner, snaxin ink cleaner, cleaning spray gun, tag pin gun and lubricant for high speed knitting machine. The development of cleaning additives, including TENNOR AF202, BESCON and Tensoft, took the textile industry into the mechanized era and made the scrubbing of knitted sweaters produced for export by hand a thing of past. Tenluxe ink cleaner and ink stain removal products are the most widely used in textile and dyeing factories, textile inspection plants, clothing and knitting factories, footwear manufacturers, curtains and sofas, wallpapers, screen printing industry and more. Tenluxe ink cleaner supply has obtained diverse certifications, welcome to contact them for more ink cleaner supply specifications. OEM or ODM orders are welcome and we would be your best partner in the future.
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